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Cosmopop’s figurehead is the underground event “Time Warp” in Mannheim.Since 1994, it is Germany's most prestigious indoor techno festival presenting international artist-avant-garde electronic music.A catalogue of electronic pioneers and the best known underground DJs in the world fills fill 6 floors for over 15 hours.

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Overall, more than 40,000 fans attended the premieres in South and North America thus confirming the international status and importance of the brand.The Most Significant Export Hit of Mannheim’s Music Industry For the newly crowned “Unesco City of Music" Mannheim, “Time Warp” has now become the music industry export hit par excellence and thus also an ambassador for the city.Thanks to a perfect staging of music in light and space, “Time Warp” conveys a unique must-attend dance experience in the electronic music scene.Since 2005, “Time Warp” has also been successfully present abroad: After one-time stops in Prague and Vienna, the festival was established in the Netherlands in 2008 with editions in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht. Having regularly staged events in several European countries, the USA and Argentina alongside a fan base worldwide, “Time Warp” has become one of the best-known and most authentic electronic festivals on the international stage."Time Warp, the most prestigious techno festival in the world, makes its way to New York," the largest US alternative weekly newspaper "Village Voice" wrote welcoming the first edition of “Time Warp” in North America.

As part of its successful 20th anniversary tour, “Time Warp” made a stop in Buenos Aires.

Time Warp Festival 2016, the German techno institution is back for another year.

No other music event has attracted so many international fans to the city, transmitting simultaneously Mannheim’s reputation as a music city in the world.

Time Warp DE is a huge indoor techno rave in Mannheim.

From inside the LED-cage at Time Warp, Seth Troxler literally brings area 4 to a boiling-point.

With his unstoppable grooves and infectious party mood, there is no escaping the dancefloor during this set!