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Значительная часть острова покрыта полями под сахарную свеклу и зерновые культуры, а также сетью дренажных о водоотводных сооружений.

Lolland is also known as the "pancake island" because of its flatness: the highest point of the entire island is 25 m (82 ft) above sea level, just outside the village of Horslunde.

Lolland has motor and railway links both to the island of Falster to the east and to Germany (the German island Fehmarn, linked to the mainland) via ferry.

Лолланн имеет в основном равнинный ландшафт, сложенный известняками и глинами.

В центре и на северо-западе преобладают низкие холмы высотой до 25 метров, которые местами покрыты лесами из бука и дуба.

Rødby is a city on Lolland, and is mainly known for the ferries to Puttgarden in Germany, one of the most heavily trafficked ferry routes in Europe, with large ferries departing every 30 minutes nearly round the clock.

The island is situated at the busy traffic connection between Copenhagen and Germany, thus many people come to the island, but only few of them stop there.

Other main towns are Maribo (6,000 residents), which hosts the seat of the Diocese of Lolland and Falster, Sakskøbing (3,500 residents) and Rødby (2,500 residents).

Since January 1, 2007, Lolland has been administered by two municipalities, Lolland covering the western two thirds, and Guldborgsund uniting the eastern third with the neighbouring island Falster.The island has been an important communication highway, among others for Nazi Germany during World War II.Historically, sugar beet has been grown in Lolland.Sugar is still a major industry, visible from the large number of sugar beet fields.The largest town of Lolland is Nakskov, with 15,500 residents.Route E47 from Copenhagen crosses the Guldborgsund strait between Lolland and Falster via a modern tunnel, but the motorway currently terminates at Rødbyhavn where a ferry carries vehicles and trains to Fehmarn.