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A backyard is not complete without a place to relax, and any one of these simple, inexpensive DIY hammock stand projects can help provide you with a relaxing retreat of your own.One weekend of work will enable you to relax in style for many summers to come.Check out these 15 DIY hammock stands and get starting building your favorite one today.

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After I made it I tested it out by trying to hammock in the middle of my yard.

After MUCH adjustment I finally got to where my butt barely touched the ground, but the longer I sat, the more the hammock streched until I was sitting on the ground completely. For my second attempt, I attached one end of the hammock to a basketball goal post (3" steel pipe set in concrete) and put all 4 ropes and stakes on the other end of the hammock.

These first few steps describe how to make your own aluminum stakes. We suggest laying the aluminum angle with the corner facing up for easier cutting.2.

If you’d prefer, you can skip this section and buy aluminum tent stakes from any outdoor gear store - just make sure they’re at least 10” long.1. At one end of each aluminum section, mark a line from the center of the angle towards the edge, creating a 45° angle; repeat on the other side of the center to create a point. At the flat end of each stake, make a mark ¾” from top edge, and ¼” from side edge.

Make a small triangle with the pointy end of the triangle pointed towards the bottom of the stake.4.

With the hacksaw, cut out the notches at the top of each stake.5. I made this with high hopes, and I wasn't completely let down.This project takes about 1-2 ½ hours, depending on your tools.Once the stand is completed, it only takes about 5 minutes (longer the first few times) to set up.But unless you’ve got the perfect gear, it can be difficult to find two trees or posts close enough and sturdy enough to set up your hammock exactly where you want it.That’s why we decided to design this lightweight portable hammock stand – so you can make any spot the perfect hammock spot, wherever you are.Good suggestions, Sgt Doughy--I'll look into the ground spikes. That seemed to support my weight without much problem. Not the "comfortable" taut hammocks we all think of, but better than hearing something snap suddenly!