Single or double layer hammock

The double layer will help the pad stay in place by placing the pad between the two layers, so I would definitely go that route. I suspect you could use your pad partially inflated inside the hammock as a temporary measure. I tried inflatables in gathered end hammocks and did not like them.

I went from a 1.7 DL to a DL 1.1 and there was no change in the comfort level. For someone of your stature the 1.1 should be fine for comfort, so it boils down to whether or not you want the flexibility of the DL for the modest additional weight. Pads work better and in a dbl layer, but are bulky.

I am going to get a WBBB for xmas and has a few questions for you WBBB users out there. Second, I am not sure if I should go for a single or double layer.

Instructions for a 3 layer are on the hammock forum website MYOG section.

I just built a 2 layer that weighs 12.2 oz with a 1.1 oz ripstop shell on one side.

Get the adjustable strap suspension, if weight becomes an issue you can easily change to whoopie slings.

I think if you went with a single layer and tried using a pad with it, you will get frustrated by the pad moving around on you. If you can MYOG it a bit and sew, you can build a Insultex UQ for pretty cheap.

Takes 4 yds of the stuff at .25 a yard plus some cover material if you want it.

I do not have an underquilt (which is something I would like to invest in the future if I decide hanging is for me).So for the time being I would use my inflatable (exped ul synmat) Do you think I could get away using a single layer for now?Will have an add in IX layer on top and a 2.5XP quilt I can add to the bottom for winter.Otherwise you might want to save up for a 3/4 length down. I'd go with the 1.1 DL since your going with a pad at first.I really like the weight savings (7 oz) of the single layer vs double, but since I dont have an underquilt, Im not sure if this would work or not. I am trying to make this setup as light as possible without losing comfort.Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!