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Plug&Weld Lorch NET is the CAN bus employed by Lorch and serves as a digital hub for all Lorch components.Better still, the Q-Data system is also designed to seamlessly work with Lorch NET.Establishing the power supply and data transfer between recorder and power source is quick and straightforward and merely requires that you plug in one single cable.

Welder identification The recorder is equipped with an RFID reading field that lets you automatically detect the employee ID or the name of the welder.

This makes it possible to attribute all recorded actions to the corresponding person.

As one of the largest residence halls in the nation and a strong core of returning students, Friley is a great place to call home while you're at Iowa State.

You're sure to meet people, have plenty to keep your social life full and you'll also find a strong focus on academics.

Lincoln, Palmer, Pennell, Lowe, and Stange houses in Friley are substance free.

This means that alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are prohibited in this hall regardless of the age of the student.

Numeric keypad on the recorder By integrating a numeric keypad into the recorder we are providing you with an option to clearly relate the data records to the units produced.

You use the numeric keypad to enter order, component and weld seam numbers, considerably speeding up the work to be done by the welding engineer during the subsequent analysis.

Numeric keypad You can use the numeric keypad embedded in the operating panel of Lorch's Q-Data to enter order, component or WPS numbers that pertain to your welding job.

Documentation The recorder stores such parameters as current intensity, voltage, wire feed speed and gas flow.

The values mentioned above are measured and logged at 10 Hz.