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Performance mufflers actually improve the efficiency of the exhaust system and retain most of the power that your engine creates.e Bay определяет трендовую цену с помощью модели обучения машины на основе цены продажи товара за последние 90 дней.Новые товары — это абсолютно новые, неиспользованные, нераспакованные и неповрежденные товары.

Corsa’s Brent Noward explained their unique chambered muffler design as Reflective Sound Cancelation (RSC) technology.

In this article we are tackling the age old question of how much of high performance muffler design is based on science and how much is slick advertising?

With all the different styles and types of performance mufflers on the market with different sound attenuation strategies, it can get confusing to know what is best for your application.

“We use Reflective Sound Cancellation to capture specific sound waves and route them through an internal mechanism.

That then reflects the sound wave back upon the next sound wave entering the mechanism all without interrupting the exhaust flow.

and Hooker Headers to get the lowdown on muffler basics.

Muffler Purpose Starting from the top we should define what the purpose of a performance muffler is.

Muffler manufacturers make a lot of claims about their products but some of the claims don’t explain how their mufflers actually work and bring a distinct difference to the performance of a car.

We enlisted some of the top minds in the exhaust game to understand the in’s and out’s of muffler design by reaching out to B & B Performance Exhaust, Corsa Performance Exhaust, Flowmaster Inc.

Each muffler is designed and tuned specifically for the vehicle it is intended for taking into account everything from cabin volume, to exhaust length, to desired level of exterior volume.” Clearly, designing and engineering mufflers that efficaciously contain, absorb and dissipate noise pulses and maintain power with cost efficiency at the same time is no easy task. Performance mufflers do not technically “add” any extra power to your car when you install them; however they can often help to maintain more of the engine’s power than a stock muffler.

Many stock cars have restrictive exhaust systems to keep the cars quiet and cost much less for the manufacturer.