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What I described so far in this blog post is a short glimpse on the official apps which are enabled by default!There are more official apps you can enable at any time (Default encryption module, External sites, External storage support, External user support, File access control, Files automated tagging, Gallery, LDAP user and group backend, Mail template editor, Retention, SAML authentication)May be now you get a better impression what the Nextcloud ecosystem is about and how interesting it already is!Hook Up Dating is the new and discreet way to find hookups, FWB, excitement and fun, by chatting, flirting and meeting local singles, attached and couples. Sends anonymized data to help to improve Nextcloud. This application automatically maintains older versions of files that are changed.Video player Yes, there is a video player in Nextcloud!

Approved apps are developed and supported by the community and approved by Nextcloud as “so good” to ship them with the core package. They are the real core package of your Nextcloud Server. It’s a great feature for your personal cloud or for teams.Because they are necessary and simply working I didn’t pay a lot attention when I installed Nextcloud for the first time but it’s worth to have a look what the whole core system is about. You can see, ordered by date, all your shares, comments, favourites, uploads and the activities of remote users who are connected to you via the federation system. If you run a bigger installation with plenty of users that didn’t know each other you should disable this app to avoid confusion. I saw it for the contacts app but I was to slow to take a screenshot (next time).I didn’t know, that there is a whole ecosystem behind that little +.Beside the shipped apps there will be a whole new App Store created by Bernhard Posselt and many other contributors.Now I’ll start to play around with the “not enabled” official apps and will come back soon with a new blog post.#1 hookup dating App, with over a million users and thousands joining per day!