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Men and women want different things, but calling them equals implies they should give each other the same things.A man doesn't want protection from a woman, and a woman doesn't want a docile, subservient man.Gotta love how these feminists become die hard free market capitalists when ladies nights are at stake.

Loved how he puts that Russian Babushka in her place: I just noticed there's a couple of Fox News segments with both this Marc Rudov guy and Lis Wiehl broad - can't help this is like a pro wrestling rivalry where they intentionally put them the two of them together in these segments for ratings and lols Hahaha I love this guy's style.Have to disagree with his opposition to ladies nights - if private establishments want to throw those, and give me the option of getting a better sex ratio at the bar by blowing a few dollars, then let them.Framing women as equals to men, instead of their complements, is problematic.Part of the problem with these chicks who make you chase is that even after you fuck her - by that point, I've lost all initiative to keep up the charade, and I'll bounce sooner or later.Whereas if she had put in mutual effort, and felt that pursuit went both ways, then I would be happy to spend more time with her.

fucks her), he tosses her aside, implying that if she hadn't forced him to chase so hard, then she wouldn't get chucked immediately.

This is a great point, one I haven't seen elsewhere.

v=s Dyz R13p Hlo Dating Women is legalized prostitution His eye rolling early in the second clip is classic.

v=c ANg HUOjpm4 Notice how the 2 women on the video get outraged when they get called out for their whoring. I was hoping that he'd call out the Slavic chick for being fat.

I imagined it something like this: Her (thickly accented): "Man must protect woman." [She actually kept repeating this] Him: "And what should she do for him? " Her: "um, yes..." Him: "Then why would a man protect you, when you, by virtue of you being fat, do not look pleasing to him?

" He says that when a woman forces a man to pursue and pursue, that when he finally gets her (i.e.