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If Kehlani and Kyrie Irving are getting back together, it may be a difficult time for the Cleveland Cavaliers guard.Their turbulent relationship has generated plenty of attention in the celebrity gossip world, just the kind of attention Irving would be trying to phase out as he focuses on leading his team to an NBA title in their rematch with the Warriors.

There are reports that Irving has been trying to win her back after they split up several months ago, and “Word about a Kyrie/Kehlani reunion first got out when a screenshot of messages between Kyrie and a girl who supposedly knows Kehlani surfaced on Instagram.She wrote ‘I miss yall’ to Kyrie in reference to him and Kehlani, to which he replied ‘Yea she’s pretty awesome.’ As if that doesn’t hint that something is going on between them again, Kehlani chimed in on the messages too — she commented, ‘he awesome too,’ almost right after it was posted!READ 50 Cent Hints At New Music With PARTYNEXTDOOR “I regret how it went down,” he says. I look into people’s eyes, and I know they think I’m a bad guy.The post was only up for a short time before being deleted, but it was long enough to send Cleveland Cavaliers fans into a frenzy. In the note, Kehlani explained that she and Kyrie started dating after she went through a bad breakup with Party Next Door.Many lashed out at Kehlani, and from there the story took a nearly tragic turn. The post also clarified a bit the picture from Party Next Door showing them in bed, as Kehlani explained that they got back together after her split from Kyrie Irving (with the angry backlash coming because they kept the split quiet, leading many to believe she was cheating on him).

, one would assume that Party Next Door, real name Jahron Anthony Brathwaite, would be on top of the world.

Instead, the 23 year old singer claims this year leading up to the album release has left him quite blue, especially when he reflects on his past relationship with Kehlani.

” It seemed far-fetched just a few months ago to imagine that Kehlani and Kyrie Irving would be getting back together.

The relationship appeared to go down in flames after Kehlani’s ex, Party Next Door, posted a picture in late March that showed Kehlani in bed with him. Everyone is hurt and everyone is in a place of misunderstanding. But God saved me for a reason and for that…I must be grateful. On that note, bye Instagram.” Not long after that, Kehlani posted another heartbreaking note saying that she and Kyrie Irving had broken up.

Kehlani later tried to commit suicide, opening up about the attempt in an Instagram post. Her post went on to explain that she and Kyrie were happy and remained on good terms.

In the post, Kehlani claimed that she had never cheated and said the situation was a misunderstanding. If the current reports of a reunion are true, then those may be on even better terms now.