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I've seen a couple re-stocked Stevens with the straight stock go pretty fast on GB at a good price. If anybody happens to read possible that there isn't a small place in rural America that I'm not looking? After having looked for roughly two weeks online for a replacement part, there are none to be had.

The one I got has very good grain for , for the forend from Anybody happen to have any places or names that I can get in touch with to find this replacement part? This was some good information that I found from Gun Digest :1.

They always signified a change in mechanical design or manufacturing process which resulted in an interesting variant.3.

From 1940 to 1948 no serial numbers were used on doubles, only capital letters, usually in groups of three or four, the letter(s) sometimes enclosed in a circle, along with an inspector’s symbol ( a heart , a diamond, a spade or some such ‘shape’, on the bottom of the frame behind the hinge pin.4.

They are pre-cut, but you have to do the final fitting. _________________over the hill and picking up speed. It is the whole people..disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.".. Stevens used plain numbers from their first double in 1878 until 1913.2.

Letter prefixes crept in on the serial numbers used on both hammer and hammerless doubles from 1913 to 1939.

If it has a serial # the best I can do is 1968 or later.

Since the pictures are not back yet, I will explain to the best of my ability. "O" and "Q" were not used because of similarity to a zero.If the serial # starts with an "A" that is not the date code. The gun I have is a Stevens 311, series H, 410 gauge, with a serial number that begins wiht the letter D. I was concerned that it might be fairly old and changing the stock would reduce the value.It has a hard wood stock and forearm with impressed checkering, that although in 99% condition, is really ugly and I would like to replace it with a nice walnut stock and forearm. I do think those straight stocks look good especially on a 410. I found the forend to be shaky and finally took it apart to see the problem.From 1948 to 1968 the letter symbols under the frame were changed to a ‘Capital letter with a one or two digit number’ in a 1/4″ circle.The Savage/Stevens date code is a very small oval, usually on the underside of the receiver on doubles. All the other marks you see are there to make sure pieces that may have been separated inside the factory find each other again.So a large "A" by itself inside a circle in not the date code.