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Obviously, this was not the time to go see a lot of flowers!The main ballroom was especially worth seeing as it contained portrait paintings of all the former electors or rulers of Fulda.There was also an interesting display of Fulda's numerous partner cities spread out around the world.

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The only shame of the trip was that we hit it during an especially wintery time, getting pelted with sleet as we made our way to Mass in the Cathedral.The exterior of the palace was relatively plain compared to many other Baroque palaces such as found in Bruchsal, but the interior was wonderful.Visitors could go through sections of the palace for a nominal fee and see some of the royal quarters and ballrooms.(We also found it rather neat that huge sections of the palace were reserved for city offices.Beat any town hall we'd ever seen.) The second photograph shows a portion of the Schlossgarten, the gardens that ran oblong across the side of the palace.

There was every indication that in sunny summer weather, Fulda was magnificent.

The main draw in Fulda was its large palace, whose entrance is shown in the first photograph.

The palace and its grounds made up most of the northern part of the old city.

The palace building was H-shaped, with an outer courtyard and inner courtyard (it was the outer courtyard facing the street that is shown).

The city of Fulda sat on its namesake Fulda River in eastern Hessen, close to the border region with the former East Germany.

Our draw to Fulda was precisely due to its former relevance as a Cold War frontier, and indeed our visit to Fulda was in conjunction with a trip to the border zone at Point Alpha just about fifteen minutes away, located on a hilltop overlooking the Fulda Gap.