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Raadvad, or Rådvad is a former industrial development located on both sides of the Mølleåen river which at this point marks the border between Lyngby-Taarbæk and Rudersdal municipalities in the northern subburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark.It was built around a watermill in the second half of the 18th century and has given name to a well-known Danish brand of knives and other kitchen equipment . They include Raadvad Kro from 1861 and a hostel based in a former school from 1894.

They founded Raadvaddams Fabrikker at the site, producing mostly kitchen equipment.With its proximity to Copenhagen and scenic surroundings in the middle of the forest, it was an instant success.He expanded the complex and operated a flour mill at the site but went bankrupt in 1765.Raadvad was then taken over by the Iron Mongers' Guild in Copenhagen.The guests included members of the royal family who sometimes lunched there in connection with hunts.

However, when the Coast Line opened in 1994, people started to venture further up the coast and in 1916 Raadvad Kro had to close.Other buildings houses a centre for building conservation and a local nature school.On 30 April 1643, Christian Alckenbrecht obtained a royal license to build the first watermill at the site.It was then for a while used as headquarters of the knife factory but reopened as an inn in 1930.Four years later he ran three waterworks at the site: A sharpening mill, a hammer mill and a fulling mill.The installations were destroyed by Swedish soldiers in 1658 but reopened in 1664, now as a gunpowder and sharpening mill.