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John Bolton, former Alientator-in-Chief of allies and enemies alike as Bush’s Ambassador to the UN, stepped out front and center with an article in a little known Neocon UK magazine called “Standpoint” entitled: “No he Can’t: Has Obama Lost Egypt”? Much in the way I never realized that Bush had “won” the Iraq War.

Even the earth is on the side of the dictators: the quake in Japan has the media obeying the “Law of the Bigger Disaster” and giving just a brief crawl mention to the turning of the tide against the rebels in Libya. I cheered as the warplanes pummeled the Serbs in Kosovo.

Doseweredadaze The editor of “Standpoint” chimed in, opining that “If the Arab Revolt does turns out well, it will not be owing to the Obama Administration, but to Bush.” Wow, talk about putting the guy in a box!

Is it funny or sad how the Arab Revolt is casting our hypocrisy into bold relief?

As Brad Pitt famously asked: “Are you a Mexi CAN, or a Mexi CAN’T?

” Well, these guys are definitely not Neo Kants — as in morality derives from reason — and they are here to tell us and Obama exacty what to do and not to do in response to the Arab Revolt.

It won’t be “Khadaffi: The Last Days of the Tyrant” nor “The Enduring Dictator” that gets made, but a third one: “Les Miserable II”.Many of those brave young Libyans who revolted against the Old Man will die at the barricades, while the UN and NATO try to persuade Egypt and Tunisia to open up their borders for a few miles to house the flood of refugees that will ensue when Khadaffi rides triumphantly into the formerly liberated cities. The Saudis quietly gunned down 3 protestors in a Shia city, and no one said a thing. His gleaming eyes said “Forty more years of Dictatorship”. Before Iraq, I was in favor of the West using its military might to overthrow murderous dictators.Would have loved to be the fly on the wall as Uncle Fidel boxed his ears. ” The line is long, and at the head, right now, is the President of Cote Ivoire. But he’s makin’ it real for his tribe, and that’s all that counts. He says we should disqualify them from voting, and at the same time initiate a clandestine operation to undermine them. Was I wrong in calling this one too soon for the Dictator? Well, as an Indian friend of mine said, “It’s a bloody long way to Tipperary, I don’t mind telling”.Meanwhile, back at the Kasba, the Islamic Brotherhood is reportedly stockpiling millions metric tons of wool, busily knitting it into ovine raiment in peparation for Egypt’s first truly free, non-rigged election. Seems like the old bastard still had a few tricks up his sleeve.We believe in free elections, but only if our guys win.So the latest iteration of a “free election” is that you can’t participate unless you “really” believe in democracy and, if you win this one but lose the next one, you will go quietly. Ortega lost in a free election but has made sure he won’t make that mistake a second time. Meanwhile, O astonishes them all by calling in airstrikes to wipe out Muammar’s air defenses along the Mediterranean coast.