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We can deduce that the only 100% effective way of not contracting a Sexually Transmitted Disease is abstinence, which translated means: no sex.Now, people shouldn't panic and becoming hysterical because the above logic applies also to most of the viruses and illnesses out there: food, drinks, meeting people, smoking, smog, treated water, just to name a few, can give you cancer, flu, allergies, strokes, heart attacks and a gazillion of other illnesses; and the only 100% effective way of not contracting those illnesses is to not live... There are two types of infection: bacterial and viral.

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Hepatitis C, Herpes genitalis (HSV) and HIV (there you go) cannot be cured. is not a fatal disease and can be transmitted just with one kiss.

But let's see what we are talking about, first, and then i will elaborate my answer.

Some Sexually Transmitted Diseases, though, have an incubation period and a test can (although, rarely) return false positives as well as false negatives and therefore a test is never 100% conclusive.

In the latter scenario you can have the partners testing regularly and therefore having a testing history which together with reciprocal trust and an extensive knowledge of your partner' sexual activities puts you at ease.

In the first scenario, however, it would be ideal, but unfortunately not very practical yet, these days.

Viral infections are, unfortunately, a different story.

A virus often resides dormant inside the cells of a human body and only a few antiviral treatments are known to be effective in killing certain viruses.

Bacterial infections can be cured reasonably easily and rapidly.

can also be cured, as long as it is treated at an early stage.

The couple, from Dundalk, County Louth, who have four children, were yesterday waiting to hear whether they would be released without charge or have their detention extended, according to the Sun newspaper.

We need to make a distinction between casual sex and sex with your trusted partner.