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Other sites of archaeological interest in the vicinity, long admired by visitors even when their nature was not well understood, are a Viking-Age cemetery that includes several ship settings, a great Iron Age cremation mound ("Grydehøy"), a number of tumuli that are mostly of Bronze Age date, and several Neolithic chamber graves, including one that in modern times has been known as "Harald Hildetandshøy".

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Research teams led by archaeologist Tom Christensen of Roskilde Museum have uncovered the remains of an extensive Iron Age and Viking Age settlement complex just outside the hamlet of Gammel Lejre ("Old Lejre").A noteworthy loose find that has recently turned up, thanks to metal-detector work, is a tiny silver Viking Age figurine known as Odin from Lejre.This is thought to depict the god Odin enthroned in majesty between ravens.Discovered here were the post-holes for a series of large rectangular buildings measuring fifty to sixty meters in length or more.These must have been the halls of powerful magnates or kings.

Outbuildings and other structures whose remains were unearthed in this same area indicate that Lejre was also a center for crafts, commerce, and religious observances.

The relative absence of weapon finds suggests that the site was more important as a social and economic center than as a military base.

in Lejre Municipality (Danish, kommune) on the island of Zealand in east Denmark.

It belongs to Region Sjælland (also spelled Zealand) The town's Old Norse name was Hleiðra or Hleiðragarð.

The municipality has an area of 240 km² and a total population of ca. Its mayor is Mette Touborg, representing the Socialist Peoples Party. Lejre was the capital of an Iron Age kingdom sometimes referred to as the "Lejre Kingdom." According to early legends, this was ruled by kings of the Skjöldung dynasty, predecessors of the kings of medieval Denmark.

Legends of the kings of Lejre are known from a number of medieval sources, including the twelfth-century Gesta Danorum written by Saxo Grammaticus and the anonymous twelfth-century Chronicon Lethrense, or Chronicle of Lejre.